Robert Floyd Photo Gallery & Learning Center’s mission for the past 14 years is to “wow” our guests and participants with consistently great monthly fine art exhibits, challenging photo workshops, and personable service in a casual and fun Western Massachusetts setting.

We encourage you to view and learn photography in an informative, supportive and fun venue. Our goal is to motivate everyone to enjoy nature photography.

Thank you for all the support!It’s worth the trip!

The Ron Herman Camera Exchange benefits area high school students to learn film photography in this digital world. We accept donations of formerly played with 35mm camera and equipment, then deliver them to art departments. Students need them. Its a Win-Win for all. So play with or donate now…please. Thank you.

On SEP 22, 2012, I attended a memorial service for my friend and long time Gallery Visitor, Ronald Aaron Herman, West Hatfield. Ron Herman was the sharpest, funniest, creative tinkerer of life I ever had the pleasure of meeting in this lifetime.

Sandy and Carl Montagna, Narragansett, RI listen intently to Ron Herman beck in DEC, 2004. Ron gave us a technical journey via his company’s calendar that seemed to trump any efforts by Spock. © Robert Floyd, all rights reserved, 2004

He loved knowing how things worked and handled vintage cameras and machines as if he gave them life in the first place. Originally from the Bronx, he once jammed with Jimi Hendrix in one of my old haunts, Max’s Kansas City, a nightclub and restaurant at 213 Park Avenue South, Manhattan, which became a gathering spot for musicians, poets, artists and politicians. He was drawn there as the ultimate musician while for me it was open late, very late.

Ron Herman brought the house down with his charm, dry wit, and ability to personally engage everyone in The Gallery. His stories were fascinating, entertaining and riveting.
© Robert Floyd, all rights reserved, 2004

Ron dropped in The Gallery and it was so exciting. The tales, stories, enthusiasm, passion, and laughter we shared will last me a lifetime…and then some. There are hundreds and hundreds of sound reasons how I and others have benefited from The Gallery…
Hangin’ with Ron is a most cherished favorite.


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